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A variety of social activities are included

A variety of social activities are included in the educational experiences for students, such as visiting interesting places in Montreal can by exploring the city’s rich history and culture and visiting landmarks such as Old Montreal, Mount Royal, or the Notre-Dame Basilica, National Archive Library of Montreal.

The college organizes also trips to nearby cities and towns such as Niagara, Quebec City to provide students with an opportunity to explore different cultures and learn about the history and geography of the region.

Participating in cultural events and festivals can also be a fun and educational way for students to experience the diversity of Montreal. Some examples of popular cultural festivals in Montreal include the Montreal Francofolie, Montreal Botanical Garden Lantern Festival, Montreal Flaminco Festival, Japan Week in Montreal, Montreal International Portugal Festival.

Montreal Francofolies
Montreal Botanical Garden Lantern Festival
Montreal Flamenco Festival
Japan Week in Montreal
Montreal International Portugal Festival

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