Learning environment

In person course

We offer in person courses for all programs. You can opt for In person courses in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We adapt the pace and duration of the courses to your preferences and time constraints. Therefore, you can choose an intensive and short course program or a more regular rhythm. In person course are taken on our Campus in Montreal accessible by public transportation (metro and bus).

Online course

Online courses are offered for all programs. They are designed to meet your specific needs and save you considerable time. Our instructors take an innovative approach to make online courses more human and ensure a rigorous follow-up. They accompany you live via a virtual platform allowing you to continue your learning in complete security. By opting for online courses, you will need to have high speed stable internet connection, access to a computer with a camera and a functional microphone.

Group course

We offer group courses for all programs. They are designed to promote group learning and group work. We form small groups of up to 7 students, depending on their level and objective. By opting for group classes, you can participate in a variety of activities such as workshops, role plays and outings.

Adult course

The adult courses offered for adults aim to provide students with the opportunity to learn new skills. All our adult courses’ teachers are native speakers, qualified and have extensive experience teaching adults. They are results-oriented and adapt lesson plans, methodology and teaching resources to meet the specific needs of the learners.

Youth course

Youth courses are designed for children and teenagers ( 7-17 years old) who are more interested in learning new languages or improve their existing language skills through courses in various languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Arabic and more. The courses are interactive and engaging, taught by qualified instructors using methods like games, songs, and role-playing. All the courses are offered in person, online, regular and in intensive mode. In addition, all the courses include structured and personalized language courses to meet the needs and goals of students and parents.

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