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The Cost of Living in Montreal: An Affordable Haven for Students

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Introduction: Montreal, the most populous city in Quebec and the second most populated in Canada, offers an affordable and all-inclusive lifestyle for students. While the cost of living can vary based on individual choices and preferences, Montreal stands out as a city where students can comfortably reside without breaking the bank. In this article, we will explore the different aspects of the cost of living in Montreal and provide an overview of the expenses involved.


One of the key factors in the cost of living for students is accommodation. Thankfully, Montreal offers housing options that are 20-40% lower in price compared to many other Canadian cities. The cost of student accommodation in Montreal varies based on factors such as location, property type, and proximity to the university. Here are three common types of student accommodations and their average prices:

Student Housing:

Designed specifically to meet the housing needs of students, these accommodations are conveniently located near university campuses. They are furnished with modern amenities, and utility bills are often included in the rent. The monthly prices for ensuite/studio student housing range from CA$626 to CA$844.

Private Apartment:

Private apartments offer students the flexibility of living independently or sharing the space with friends. Students can enjoy privacy and personal space while choosing their preferred roommates. The average monthly rent for a private apartment in Montreal ranges from CA$1,110 to CA$1,473.

University Hall:

University halls are older residences that provide students with a bedroom, which can be either shared or single. Common kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared among students. The monthly prices for ensuite/studio university halls range from CA$800 to CA$1,500.

Tuition Fees:

Tuition fees are an essential aspect to consider when calculating the cost of living in Montreal. The fees vary depending on the course level and the university. For undergraduate students, tuition fees typically range from CA$15,000 to CA$40,000 per year. Postgraduate students can expect tuition fees between CA$10,000 and CA$30,000 per year.

Food and Utilities:

When it comes to food expenses, Montreal offers a wide range of options to suit different budgets. While dining at restaurants can cost around CA$23 per meal, students can also explore local markets and grocery stores for more economical choices. For those interested in beverages, a pint of beer during happy hours can cost approximately CA$7.50.

Utility bills in Montreal can be a significant expense, but fortunately, many student housing options and private apartments include these bills in the rent. This helps simplify budgeting and ensures a more predictable monthly cost.


Montreal is a compact city that is easily navigable on foot or using public transportation. The city has an efficient network of buses and subways, making it convenient for students to travel around the city. The average monthly cost for local transport is approximately CA$126.

Conclusion: Montreal, with its affordable cost of living, is a welcoming city for students. Accommodation prices are significantly lower than in many other Canadian cities, and various options cater specifically to student needs. While tuition fees and other expenses will depend on individual circumstances, Montreal’s overall cost of living makes it an attractive destination for students seeking an affordable and inclusive experience. By considering personal preferences and lifestyle choices, students can manage their expenses effectively and make the most of their time in this vibrant city.


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