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10 Best Part-Time Jobs for International Students in Montreal

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A wonderful blend of culture, art, and education, Montreal has become a top destination for international students. As an international student, a part-time job can not only cover living costs but also provide real-world experience. To help you navigate the job market, we’ve curated a list of the 10 best part-time jobs for international students in Montreal.

1. Tutor 

If you excel in any subject, consider becoming a part-time tutor. Many parents in Montreal look for tutors to help their children academically. Plus, several universities and colleges also seek tutors for their students, making it an excellent part-time job.

2. Restaurant Staff 


Working in a restaurant as a waiter, cook, or host can provide a steady income. Besides, Montreal’s bustling culinary scene offers you an opportunity to experience the city’s diverse food culture firsthand.

3. Retail Associate 

The retail sector always has openings for part-time positions. As a retail associate, you’ll gain skills in customer service and sales, valuable for any future career.

4. Freelance Writer or Designer


If you have a knack for writing or graphic design, freelancing can be a flexible and lucrative option. Numerous companies and websites require content and design services.

5. Campus Job 

Universities and colleges often hire students for various roles, like library assistant, research assistant, or office help. Campus jobs usually offer flexible hours tailored to your class schedule.

6. Babysitter/Nanny 

Babysitting is a popular part-time job choice. Families often need reliable people to care for their children, and your student status may make you a trustworthy option.

7. Translation Services 

With your multilingual skills, consider offering translation services. As Montreal is a bilingual city, translators are in high demand.

8. Fitness Instructor 

If fitness is your passion, why not share it with others? Fitness centers and gyms often seek part-time instructors. Plus, this job can help you stay in shape!

9. Delivery Person

Thanks to the surge in online ordering and delivery apps, delivery jobs are plentiful. These jobs offer flexible hours, allowing you to work around your school schedule.

10. IT Support 

Many small businesses need part-time IT support. If you have the skills, this could be a great opportunity to gain professional IT experience.


These part-time jobs offer international students in Montreal the opportunity to earn an income while gaining valuable work experience. Remember, the best job will align with your studies, interests, and long-term career goals. Happy job hunting!

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