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How to Become a Beneficiary Attendant in Montreal (All About the Job and Training)

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To work in the healthcare field, one must possess the essential qualities required for professions related to it. Choosing a career as a beneficiary attendant should stem from a genuine desire to contribute to the well-being of others. The ability to listen, effective communication, organizational skills, versatility, and patience are the essential qualities that beneficiary attendants must demonstrate daily in their profession. If you possess these qualities and wish to become a beneficiary attendant in Montreal, you still need to acquire the knowledge and skills demanded by employers, but what are the training options?

Becoming a Beneficiary Attendant: Courses and Training

Professional training (DEP) is necessary to acquire not only the technical skills in patient care but also the attitudes and professionalism associated with this profession. Several vocational training centers offer this training program, usually lasting a few months. The program should include theoretical classroom courses as well as practical internships in various work settings. CDI College provides a comprehensive and in-depth theoretical training that allows beneficiary attendants with a diploma in “Assistance in Healthcare Facilities” to stand out in the job market. Simulations, laboratory periods, and internships in various private and public healthcare facilities expose students to the reality of the job market, and as a result, the vast majority of graduates quickly find employment upon completing their training.

Tasks Performed by Beneficiary Attendants

The beneficiary attendant’s mission is to assist and support hospitalized patients with reduced autonomy, as well as to help them with various activities of daily living, such as those related to mobility, hygiene, nutrition, and medication. They ensure that beneficiaries receive appropriate care, respect their integrity and dignity, and follow the instructions given by the medical staff to contribute to their well-being. As frontline caregivers, they are best placed to observe any changes in the patient’s health status and inform the nursing staff or responsible physicians.

In addition to performing these daily tasks, beneficiary attendants also provide comforting support to patients to help, encourage, and provide the moral support they need, especially in their final moments of life.

In Montreal, beneficiary attendants mainly work in hospitals, long-term care centers, and rehabilitation centers.

You can obtain a beneficiary attendant diploma (DEP) and start a healthcare career by following the “Assistance in Healthcare Facilities” program (DEP in SASI), available in French or English, at various CDI College campuses in Quebec. To get all the information you need about healthcare DEPs, fill out the form on the right side of the screen.

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